Книга "PRISMA" by Frank Haasnoot

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"PRISMA" by Frank Haasnoot
330 страниц 
Формат 235* 280 мм
Язык: английский

Год выпуска: 2019


Through Frank Haasnoot’s Prisma, light refracts into six colors (white, yellow, red, green, violet and black) which in turn are the protagonists of 50 unique creations. In this first book by the acclaimed chef of Dutch origin, he alternates the creations that have given him more influence and popularity throughout his career, though duly updated, with new creations that continue to have their characteristic seal both in relation to the forms, the formats, the innovative techniques and the sweet result. A party of colors and creativity that knows how to find a wise balance between aesthetics, intensity of flavor, and love for perfect performances that, despite this, transmit craftsmanship and a love for what is hand-made.